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Backward compatibility: (v6.0)

1) Versioning & backward compatibility

Since version 2, the pac4j project has adopted the semver versioning, to make things clearer.

Given a version X.Y.Z:

Generally, pac4j implementations follow the semver versioning as well.

Notice that, while pac4j-* modules are backward compatible, you should always add the pac4j-javaee or pac4j-jakartaee or pac4j-core dependency in the same version as the upgraded pac4j-* dependency.

2) Maintenance

a) Core project

Community efforts are focused on the latest stream (the master branch).

For older streams, contributions may be accepted and bug/security fixes may be backported.

b) Implementations

The “major” implementations are:

They should be upgraded to the latest pac4j stream.

If this free Open Source maintenance policy is not sufficient, contact the commercial support.