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Backward compatibility: (v5.3)

1) Versioning & backward compatibility

Since version 2, the pac4j project has adopted the semver versioning, to make things clearer.

Given a version X.Y.Z:

Generally, pac4j implementations follow the semver versioning as well.

Notice that, while pac4j-* modules are backward compatible, you should always add the pac4j-core dependency in the same version as the upgraded pac4j-* dependency.

2) Maintenance

a) Core project

Only one stable and released stream of pac4j is maintained at the same time, currently, it’s version 4.x.

Older streams of pac4j are not maintained. Security fixes are backported on the previous stream for 6 months.

b) Implementations

The “major” implementations are:

They are always upgraded to the latest pac4j stream. Other implementations are considered “minor” and may not be upgraded.

If this free Open Source maintenance policy is not sufficient, the paid LTS / Upgrade program may be subscribed.