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Profile manager (v4.3)

The profile manager is meant to deal with the user profile: it can be used to save or restore it.

The profile manager is instantiated from the WebContext.

1) Retrieval

You can use the get(readFromSession) method to return only one profile and the getAll(readFromSession) method to retrieve all profiles.

You need to specific whether you want to read that information from the session or not.

The returned profiles are of type UserProfile, but they should be at least cast as CommonProfile to retrieve the most common attributes that all profiles share or to their real types like a FacebookProfile in case of a Facebook authentication.

The ProfileManager can also be instantiated with a profile type to always retrieve a specific user profile type.

ProfileManager<CasProfile> manager = new ProfileManager<CasProfile>(webContext)
CasProfile profile = manager.get(true).get();

2) Custom profile managers

By default, the profile manager is the ProfileMamager component.

In some pac4j implementations, there are specific profile managers: UndertowProfileManager, ShiroProfileManager, etc.

A custom profile manager can be instantiated via the following factory:

It can be set at a components level (like for the logics) or at the Config level.