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CouchDB (v3.1)

pac4j allows you to validate username/password and create, update and delete users on a CouchDB database.

1) Dependency

You need to use the following module: pac4j-couch.

Example (Maven dependency):


2) CouchProfileService

The CouchProfileService:

It works with a CouchProfile.

It is built from a org.ektorp.CouchDbConnector.


HttpClient httpClient = new StdHttpClient.Builder().url(couchDbUrl).build();
CouchDbInstance dbInstance = new StdCouchDbInstance(httpClient);
CouchDbConnector couchDbConnector = dbInstance.createConnector("users", true);
CouchProfileService couchProfileService = new CouchProfileService(couchDbConnector);

The choice of the database name is irrelevant to CouchProfileService. The database containing the users must contain the following design document:

	"_id": "_design/pac4j",
	"language": "javascript",
	"views": {
		"by_username": {
			"map": "function(doc) {if (doc.username) emit(doc.username, doc);}"
		"by_linkedid": {
			"map": "function(doc) {if (doc.linkedid) emit(doc.linkedid, doc);}"

The id, username and password attribute names can be changed using the setIdAttribute, setUsernameAttribute and setPasswordAttribute methods. By default, the id attribute is CouchDB’s _id attribute. If you change the username or linkedid attribute, please change the design document accordingly. You can also get/set the ObjectMapper used to serialize the JSON data from CouchDB with getObjectMapper() and setObjectMapper(), the default one is a simple default one.

The attributes of the user profile can be managed in the CouchDB collection in two ways:

This CouchProfileService supports the use of a specific PasswordEncoder to encode the passwords in the CouchDB database.