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Backward compatibility: (v1.9)

Living projects need changes and sometimes these are breaking ones. Breaking changes are generally available in major versions.

pac4j is a whole project in itself and all pac4j implementations are also projects in themselves which depend on pac4j (in fact, they have a dependency on the pac4j-core library). And this generates a huge number of constraints and work to keep a full backward compatibility.

That’s why the pac4j project has a specific definition when it comes to backward compatibility. We want to go fast and we make compromises to achieve this goal.

1) Versioning

We don’t use semver. For a version X.Y.Z, semver says X for major versions (breaking changes), Y for minor versions and Z for bug fixes.

In pac4j, Z is for minor updates / bug fixes and Y (and optionally X) is for major versions. The version 1.9.1 of the pac4j project would be the 9.1.0 version if we used semver.

We don’t need big numbers to feel production-ready ;-)

2) Backward compatibility

So for pac4j, backward compatibility means that all pac4j versions of the same stream can be integrated with the same pac4j implementation version.

For example, if play-pac4j v2.4.0 has a dependency on pac4j v1.9.0 (pac4j-core v1.9.0), you’ll be able to keep this version 2.4.0 of play-pac4j and use pac4j (pac4j-core, pac4j-oauth, pac4j-cas…) version 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3… but not the version 2.0.0 or 1.8.8.

3) Potential breaking changes

This backward compatibility in terms of integration provides warranties. But there are downsides:

a) The compilation of components may fail

Although the integration will never be broken, pac4j components may have changed in a way that makes compilation fail. It should be straightforward to find the issue and fix it.

For example, between pac4j v1.9.0 and v1.9.1, the signature of the validate method of the Authenticator interface has changed from void validate(T credentials) throws HttpAction; to void validate(C credentials, WebContext context) throws HttpAction;.

b) All pac4j-* libraries should have the same version

If you use the play-pac4j v2.4.0 (which has a dependency on pac4j-core v1.9.0) with the pac4j-oauth library v1.9.1, you may encounter “MethodError” or “LinkageError”. So you should upgrade to the pac4j-core v1.9.1 dependency as well.

And if you use the play-pac4j v2.4.1 (which has a dependency on pac4j-core v1.9.1) with the pac4j-oauth library v1.9.0, you may also have issues. So you should use the pac4j-oauth v1.9.1 library.